Social Media Management

Complete end to end social media management of a company /individual /organization. We start by preparing a content sheet for the entire month in advance, then competitors analysis for a clear picture of the market. After these steps you will be assigned a team of 3 members, consisting of graphic designer, content planner, and ads manager. This process is continued for all our client no matter which ever package they have taken, because we feel these steps are necessary for all clients. 

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We will manage multiple platforms
of social media

For any package chosen we will be managing all the planforms of social media, that includes, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Our Social Media Profile

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Social media management

What all we will be doing in the social media packages, to grow the business of our clients and to expand the social media platforms to a better position

To keep the social media platform active it is very important to post daily

We prepare a content sheet that will be having all the details of the post to be made each day and get it approved by the clients’ end in advance. So that there is no delay and no confusion about the post. The post type will include, images, posters, flyers, videos, memes, and reels.

Knowing the market trend will help in gaining advantage over competitors.

To understand the social media trend of that particular market type we assign a member who will be continously checking on the activities of the competitors and making posts to stand out in a better position compared to your competitors.

Creating and managing paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter

Paid ads help us to get quick and good response on the social media audience from the targated audience who are willing to buy your products or services.

Writing a good content about the product or service

This will help improving the information that the audience know about products and services offered by your company. This will help in expanding the reach of the business in a better way

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